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Cheryl, our reception volunteer

19 January 2016

I became a volunteer at Arthur Rank Hospice in June 2015 after my Mum & Dad both were seriously ill. This really brought a new perspective to life. I volunteer my time every Tuesday evening on reception. I work full time as a Receptionist in Thompson Webb & Corfield and thought I would have good skills to give something back to the community. My company allow me to leave early every Tuesday evening, so that I can get through the traffic to be there for 5’0 clock and take over from the Reception staff.

I felt very privileged and proud when I arrived for one shift and realised I had received a lovely card to say thank you for being there for one of the patients and her family. I always look forward to my Tuesday evenings as the hospice is full of lovely people which includes staff, patients and their families, friends and carers. It is so worthwhile to make even a small difference to somebody’s life.



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