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Eileen, our fundraising volunteer

27 March 2015

I really wanted to do something different in my life. I had a stressful job, two teenage children and a full social life but something was missing. I have been a keen supporter of the Hospice for a while so it seemed the most natural thing to approach them to see how I could contribute. I desperately wanted to work on the Tea Bar and my wish came true about two years ago!

I have gained a different perspective working at the Hospice. I have a sense of calmness when I am there, knowing whatever I am doing is adding in a small way to the quality of patient’s lives; whether it’s baking for afternoon tea, making a cup of coffee. As a fundraising volunteers, I am involved in phoning local businesses for raffle prizes, stuffing envelopes and helping at fundraising events. I love the atmosphere there. It’s a very happy place.

I love the variety of my volunteering. I enjoy being asked to do different things and I get such a kick from hearing how our supporters work tirelessly to raise money for the hospice. I love working with fellow volunteers too. It is surprising how quickly you feel like a member of a lovely team.

My advice to anyone thinking of volunteering, is to do it! There is such a variety of ways you can support the Hospice. I guarantee you will feel great for doing it.I hope to continue to volunteer as long as I can. I can’t wait to see the new Hospice; maybe I can bake cakes in the new kitchen?!

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