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Sam, our day therapy volunteer

27 March 2015

I started volunteering with Arthur Rank just four months ago. I work in the Day Therapy Unit, usually twice a month, making lunch for the patients who attend, chatting to them and making tea and coffee, the kettle is always on!

My mother-in-law died in Arthur Rank just over four years ago and the support she and her family received from the staff made all the difference to her final days.  I was inspired by the skill and commitment of the staff I met and I wanted to give something back by doing something that fitted in around my work and children.

My days spent on the Day Therapy Unit are busy and pass in a flash. We have sad moments but we mostly have a good time.  It feels a little ironic to say that some weeks the place I laugh at most is Arthur Rank, but it’s true.  I certainly leave there after each shift with a renewed sense of perspective about what’s important in life.

To anyone thinking of volunteering I would urge them to go for it.  The induction process will help to decide what the most appropriate role is as you are given the chance to spend time in several areas of the Hospice if you wish.I hope to continue to volunteer for as long as I can.  Now my four children are growing up I’m thinking hard about what the future holds in terms of a career, and by volunteering I’m learning that I have skills which I wasn’t aware of before.  I can truly say that however hard I work at Arthur Rank, I get far more back than I put in.

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