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Katie's story, our reception volunteer

27 March 2015

I am a reception volunteer in the evenings at Arthur Rank between 5pm and 7pm. I find the reception position to be varied and rewarding, as it takes the pressure away from the staff. Having the reception manned during the evening with tasks like answering the phone and welcoming and supporting relatives gives the team more time to spend with patients.Each week I look forward to coming. I like interacting with people and supporting the valuable work that goes on at Arthur Rank Hospice.

Before taking up this role, I had been volunteering at Arthur Rank on the in-patient unit (IPU) for over ten years. Last year when I retired from full time employment, I decided to increase my volunteering hours and also change where I volunteered.

Volunteering has always been part of my life. I first started at the hospice because my full time job was well paid, but was not rewarding. Volunteering brought compassion into my life and lifted my mood which made my day job easier.  Now I have recently retired, I have more time so I have the chance to participate in the community which I am really enjoying.

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