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Mike's story, our volunteer driver

27 March 2015

After being retired by Royal Mail and carrying out small jobs for myself I decided that I could help raise funds for the hospice and took part in a number of fundraising collections at supermarkets etc. fitting these activities around my work load.

Subsequently I decided that I could provide further support by becoming a volunteer driver for the hospice. This role provided the flexibility that I needed to fit around the work that I was continuing to do and gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I was contributing is some small way to the work of the organisation that I first met so many years before. Transporting patients and relatives between home and the hospice can be a challenging but rewarding activity and when out on the road can carry considerable responsibility.

Anyone considering being a volunteer will need to think about what skills or attributes they can bring to the role that they fill and the time that they have available to fulfil that role. The Voluntary Services team are adept at ensuring that people find the right role for them.

Unfortunately drivers have a limited role life as insurance considerations mean you have to stop this activity at 75 years young. I look forward to considering what else I can contribute prior to reaching this point.

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