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Christmas Tree Recycling

We welcome a donation in exchange for collecting your tree!


 If you live in postcode areas CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5, CB22, CB23 & CB24 and don't want the hassle of getting rid of your tree, we could collect it and recycle it for you on either                9,10 or 11 January 2020

Click HERE to register!


Can you spare a few hours of your time to...

  • Promote the collection for us by leafleting between 20 December and 7 January in the above postcode areas? We need volunteers particularly to cover CB3, CB23 (Cambourne, Comberton, Bourn, Barton) and CB5 (Fen DItton). 
  • Do you own a van, or are you happy to drive a rental vehicle? Can you help us collect the trees?
  • If you are unable to help on our collection days, can you sponsor a vehicle for one of our team to use? 

If so, please contact the Fundraising Team on 01223 675888 or email - we would love to hear from you!


No needles in your car, no petrol costs & no queueing at the tip!

We welcome a donation and in exchange the Charity's voluntary team will collect the trees and take them to be recycled. All you need to do is click HERE to register. Last Christmas we raised £26,000 by collecting 1800 Christmas trees and we would love to surpass that in January 2020! 


How do I register for my tree to be collected? Simply click HERE and follow the instructions. 

What time will you collect my tree?  Unfortunately due to the vast number of trees being collected, we are unable to give an exact time of when we will be in your area. Please have your trees out in time for the start of the collection period - 9am on Thursday 9 January.   

Where should I leave my tree? Please leave your tree somewhere where it can be easily seen by our voluntary collection team e.g. in your front garden, by your back gate, next to your shed etc. You will have the opportunity to leave instructions when you register. We cannot take trees that still have their plastic bases or decorations on so please ensure these are removed in advance. 

What happens if my tree doesn't get collected? In the unlikely event that your tree still hasn't been collected by 5pm on Saturday 11 January, please contact the Fundraising Team ASAP on 01223 675888. If we have visited your property but have been unable to locate your tree, you will receive a ‘calling card’ informing you of what to do next. 

I do not live in the advertised postcode areas, is there anything I can do? Absolutely!  We have organised a chipping machine to be situated at Shelford Rugby Club so please do take your tree along and our volunteers will be on hand to help you out.

Will you have skips available at the Hospice as in previous years? Unfortunately not.  As the scheme has expanded so much and the Hospice car park is increasingly busier, this year we are running our operations from Shelford Rugby Club so please do come to see us there and make use of the chipping machine that will be available.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions? Please contact the Fundraising Team on 01223 675888, or email

Working in partnership with JustHelping and Cambridge City Council.
90% of money raised from the collection will come to ARHC with the remaining 10% donated to other local charities. 


To find out more about how the initiative went last Christmas, and to discover what it's like to be part of the fun, please CLICK HERE