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Staff Stories

07 March 2018

Jane, Palliative Care Staff Nurse

You will find me working at The Alan Hudson Day Centre, in Wisbech ...

07 March 2018

Sophie, Clinical Psychologist in the Patient and Family Support Team

I work at the hospice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but also work in Addenbrooke’s at the Pain Clinic when I am not at the hospice...

07 March 2018

Keith, Chaplain

I offer support to people of all faiths or none, be they patients, a friend, a family member or indeed a member of staff and I look after the Patient and Family Support team as whole...

07 March 2018

Kay, Head of Education and Practice Development

I lead the Education team at the Hospice, which has two strands: training and venue hire ...