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Staff Stories

01 May 2018

Donna, Director of Fundraising & Communications

I’m based at the Hospice and often will be in meetings with members of my team or people who we might be building relationships with, with the aim of raising both awareness and funds for the charity. If I am not ...

30 April 2018

Bethany, Occupational Therapist

I work Monday to Friday and you will see me on the inpatient unit (IPU) or in the day therapy office. I work alongside a therapy team who work across day therapy, in the community and the Inpatient Unit. Our team ...

30 April 2018

Ed, Healthcare Assistant

I’m very lucky that I have a dual role: I work two shifts on the IPU and one shift with Day Therapy which equates to 22.5 hours in total each week. I love the different hats I get to wear, ...

07 March 2018

Karen, Complementary Therapy Coordinator

We are a very busy little unit...