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Colleague Stories

23 January 2019

Chantelle, HR Administrator

I love the variety in this job and the challenge, and I have a passion for working with others. My role constantly revolves around interacting with people, whether it’s meeting potential employees or assisting current employees with queries or questions. You’ll ...

09 January 2019

Gemma, HR Manager

I can usually be found at my desk in the HR & Voluntary Services office but can also be spotted around the building in various meetings. You may also find me working on the IPU desk on the occasional Friday ...

09 January 2019

Allison, Admiral Nurse

The role of Admiral Nurse is new here at the Hospice and has been developed in partnership with Dementia UK. Admiral Nurses provide specialist dementia support to people with dementia and their families, so at the moment I am spending ...

01 May 2018

Donna, Director of Fundraising & Communications

I’m based at the Hospice and often will be in meetings with members of my team or people who we might be building relationships with, with the aim of raising both awareness and funds for the charity. If I am not ...