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Staff Stories

23 January 2019

Fran, Executive Team Support Officer

I am in the Hospice Monday to Friday, you will usually find me in the Business Support Office. I support the Senior Management Team in all manner of administrative tasks including arranging meetings, maintaining busy diaries, production of letters, typing ...

09 January 2019

Gemma, HR Manager

I can usually be found at my desk in the HR & Voluntary Services office but can also be spotted around the building in various meetings. You may also find me working on the IPU desk on the occasional Friday ...

09 January 2019

Allison, Admiral Nurse

The role of Admiral Nurse is new here at the Hospice and has been developed in partnership with Dementia UK. Admiral Nurses provide specialist dementia support to people with dementia and their families, so at the moment I am spending ...

09 January 2019

Jan, Project Development Coordinator for Arthur’s Shed

You would think I would be spending most of my time in Arthur’s Shed (grander than it sounds it's more soft slippers rather than welly boots required!!) In fact my desk is upstairs in the admin support office where I ...