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Staff Stories


Stella, Campaign Officer

12 July 2019

I work full time and I work in the Admin office. It is an interesting place to be as the people I share the office with work in different areas including Databasing, Clinical, Retail and Arthur’s Shed.

You will also find me at events as I still volunteer to be part of the team as I have done for a number of years. It is great fun and I get as much joy out of volunteering as I would taking part in the events.

I love the variety of the work that I do.  I am on a 6 month contract to work on the Help us be there campaign. In one day I could be sending thank you notes for donations (my favourite job) to working on information leaflets and even appearing on local TV.  

It is great to be part of a team of experts in their field and being able to learn so much from them. I get to speak to the clinical team who provide the hands on care and support of our patients, the comms team who have taught me all about social media and the digital world. 

I am also part of the fundraising team, so I am able to help out wherever I am needed. So unloading vans after a large event to putting on my posh frock at one of our Afternoon tea events. 

Thinking about it, the best thing is I believe I am actually doing a job that really makes a difference to other people. That is something that is really important to me.



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