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Staff Stories


Allison, Admiral Nurse

09 January 2019

The role of Admiral Nurse is new here at the Hospice and has been developed in partnership with Dementia UK. Admiral Nurses provide specialist dementia support to people with dementia and their families, so at the moment I am spending quite a lot of time raising awareness about the role and exploring how we at the Hospice can help. 
I am out and about the Cambridge area meeting different NHS services, volunteer groups, people living with dementia and family carers. The Hospice already cares for people who have a diagnosis of dementia, but I hope to find out how we at the Hospice may be able to provide clinical care and group sessions more tailored to the needs of people living with dementia and their families. 

The role also involves training, research and clinical work, so you may see me in the Hospice within the education department, in day therapy, at community team meetings or at my desk planning! I may also be seen in Norwich once a month meeting up with other Admiral Nurses for training and support, or at Addenbrookes and the Windsor Research Unit to link with other dementia researchers in the area.   

On a day to day basis I will be in the office first thing in the morning setting up meetings via email or phone. I may then meet up with staff and volunteers where we will start planning for our new group.  I then provide any information or training sessions for hospice staff- we have so far looked at the different types of dementia, communication, and considered what palliative care and dementia may mean in practice. I will then have an up-date with Dementia UK staff and the hospice to ensure all the correct documentation and data is recorded on our computer system. This is important, so we can evaluate how the Admiral Nurse role is progressing. 

I spend a lot of time explaining why are we called Admiral Nurses? Well Admiral Nurses are named after Joseph Levy who had vascular dementia and was known as ‘Admiral Joe’ because of his love for sailing. 

The best thing about my job is being able to work together with people with dementia and their families, so hopefully we can address the issues that are important to them. As this is a new role, it’s quite exciting to be able to work from a ‘blank canvas’ with lots of support and enthusiasm from the Hospice staff, so it’s quite a privilege. 

The day therapy team have very keen to set up a group specifically to meet the needs of people with dementia, so we will be looking to involve people living with dementia and their families to help develop and pilot this early this year. So, I can’t wait to get started.



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