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Staff Stories


Jan, Project Development Coordinator for Arthur’s Shed

09 January 2019

You would think I would be spending most of my time in Arthur’s Shed (grander than it sounds it’s more soft slippers rather than welly boots required!!) In fact my desk is upstairs in the admin support office where I usually work Wednesday to Friday. Most the time I can be found on the trail between the office and the Shed…..conveniently via the Bistro!!

Over the next year my role is to enthuse and invigorate the use of Arthur’s Shed, which is in fact a studio building within the wonderful landscaped gardens of the Hospice. I  spent my first 3 months, starting to link other Cambridgeshire organisations to Arthur Rank Hospice who may benefit from the sessions, as well as supporting session leaders and ensuring Arthur’s Shed has firm foundations as a long and successful volunteer led part of the Hospice. 

Every department of the Hospice has a connection with my role. All staff and volunteers who encourage working with new organisations or are willing to advertise the sessions all assist with the development of Arthur’s Shed. The vision is for the wider community and people connected to the Hospice to come together in a safe, warm and friendly venue, that is non-clinical.

We have an existing, enthusiastic small group of volunteers who share their skills and talents and support various sessions throughout the year. The use of the building is expanding, to hold art exhibitions, health talks etc so if you have an idea or talent to share I would love to hear from you. Arthur’s Shed now has it’s own dedicated web page where you can view the activities going on and book to take part, visit or call 01223 675777.

One of the best things about my role so far is seeing new faces coming to the Hospice. It’s lovely to welcome people who may have never been to the Hospice to a session in the shed to perhaps learn a new skill and meet new people.



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