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Staff Stories


Azanda, Volunteer Recruitment and Training Coordinator

14 December 2018

I work Monday to Friday 08:30-16:30 within the HR department/office alongside Hannah, the Volunteer Co-ordinator, and together we are the voluntary services department.
My role largely involves recruiting volunteers for the many roles we have available here in the Hospice and in the Community and ensuring that the recruitment process is followed correctly. I am quite lucky however because people don’t seem to need all that much convincing in giving their time to volunteer with us which really says a lot about the Hospice.  
If I am not at my desk then I am downstairs near reception interviewing new volunteers or catching up with our current volunteers during their shadow shifts.

I really enjoy interviewing for new volunteers. People really open up about themselves during interviews, it’s very interesting because I personally am not a fan of being interviewed so it’s quite a contrast. Since our volunteer interviews are informal, I get to share stories and learn so much more about them. It does mean though that my interviews tend to run for longer than an hour!   



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