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Staff Stories


Donna, Director of Fundraising & Communications

01 May 2018

I’m based at the Hospice and often will be in meetings with members of my team or people who we might be building relationships with, with the aim of raising both awareness and funds for the charity. 

If I am not on site, I am visiting other businesses, meeting people, attending networking events, collaborating and working on partnerships which will be of mutual benefit to everyone involved.

Fundraising is much broader that many people realise and crucially, it all starts with people. Whether through Star Shine Night Walk, Sahara Trek, Accumulator Challenge or our many collections to name but a few, our close-knit community is brimming with people who have often encountered great loss and hold the work of the hospice dear to their heart. 

I cannot attend an event or collect a cheque without someone telling me how special the care was that their aunt, mum, dad or daughter received whether at the hospice, or via hospice at home or through one of our other services. Just a few weeks ago a lady was telling me about the care we provided to her husband who died in 1999 and she recalled the story in such detail and with such passion, that it was as though it was yesterday. It really reinforced how important the Arthur Rank Hospice is at that moment and in the month, years or decades that follow. 

There is a story about a cleaner at NASA - if you don’t know it read on: President John F. Kennedy was visiting NASA headquarters for the first time, in 1961. While touring the facility, he introduced himself to a janitor who was mopping the floor and asked him what he did at NASA. The janitor replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon!” 

I feel much the same, I have huge respect for my colleagues who deliver our specialist care and work directly with patients and their families and I truly hope that the small part I play helps the Hospice to help make every moment count for our patients and their families.

I have a fabulous and dedicated team who all work very closely together and the best thing about what I do is getting to say thank you.  At meetings and events I get to talk about the work of the hospice, and either thank people for money that they have raised, or for the fundraising or volunteering that they are going to do for us. I believe I have the best world in the job!



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