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Staff Stories


Ed, Healthcare Assistant

30 April 2018

I’m very lucky that I have a dual role: I work two shifts on the IPU and one shift with Day Therapy which equates to 22.5 hours in total each week. I love the different hats I get to wear, by switching between the two areas and its lovely that those patients who use our day therapy services see a familiar face when they then visit the ward. 

I don’t really have a best thing about what I do: I have lots of things I love doing. I love being and spending time with the patients – who are quite simply very special - and helping them with their care at a difficult time in their lives. I love to be able to help people with their conditions through complementary therapies such as massage to add relaxation, which I get the opportunity to do when I work with patients in Day Therapy. I truly love being able to offer someone peace and reassurance in what is an extremely scary time in their lives. 

In the last 30 years I have worked here, I have always been a healthcare assistant, but this role has meant I have been involved with other projects such as the Arts project with local school. With that project I had the opportunity to work closely with visiting school children where we all made arts and crafts together with the patients and children, to help dispel the myths around the role of the Hospice. 

Education has got so much better and through that cancer care - in particular, has improved. We no longer have patients coming to us with certain symptoms that they did 30 years ago because people are more educated and aware of their own bodies and what to look out for. The different types of drugs and pain management has meant that people are now ‘dying well’ which is a lot more comforting to people when they come into the Hospice.

At the time of moving to our new hospice in Shelford Bottom from Mill Road, it took me a while to adjust as this was a massive change for me: Mill Road was a lot smaller and felt more intimate. However, the Hospice’s ethos and philosophy has remained the same and has never wavered. It goes to show that no matter where we are – it’s the care that is important! We receive hundreds of cards from families thanking us for the care we have given their loved ones and that has remained constant over time and it’s that that is most important to me! 



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