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Staff Stories


Katie, Creative and Diversional Activities Coordinator

07 March 2018

I work Tuesday to Friday and so I am mostly in the Day Therapy Lounge. 

On Tuesdays we have two Well-being Groups and I facilitate or arrange a creative activity which runs throughout the 2 ½ hours in each group. On Thursday and Friday we have whole Day Therapy days where the patients can choose to engage in a creative activity of their choice from a list I provide or join a group run by a visiting performer, artist or workshop in between other therapeutic sessions with other staff. I also can be found at the Wednesday Social Group. I have some wonderful volunteers who help me with running and planning the activities. 

We have so many activities I can’t name them all but here are a few: Silk painting is always a hit as almost anyone can do this and the effects are beautiful however able the painter. Clay can be used to make tiles, pots or figures. We have made dream catchers, flower arrangements, knitted and crocheted, and decorated cakes. We also have a visiting storyteller, Chi Kung instructor, musicians, basket maker and singing workshop facilitator.  I also offer to help patients tell their story or document their achievements through a book or DVD.

Creative or diversional activities can distract people from distressing situations or pain and seeing someone smile is the best feeling.



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