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Latest news in response to COVID-19

29 May 2020

Update at 11.30am Tuesday 21 April 2020
Visiting restrictions update: In line with government guidance we are only able to allow one visitor per patient per day, However, other family members can visit outside and communicate through the window with their loved one (each Inpatient Unit bedroom has a window out onto a garden patio). 

Please call us on 01223 675 900 prior to visiting.

Update at 4.30pm, Thursday 9 April 2020
Our CEO Sharon Allen, responds to the government’s announcement about funding for front-line charities

Update at 8pm, Tuesday 7 April 2020
Despite the extremely adverse circumstances, we continue to provide front-line care to people across Cambridgeshire, knowing we only get one chance to get end of life care right.  We need to ensure that we can carry on delivering essential care now, whilst ensuring services remain sustainable into the future.  

Are you able to Support Our Services? Please CLICK HERE to find out more and help us by sharing the website page far and wide! Together we will get through this, because we are #TeamArthur. Thank you in advance for your support.

Update at 6pm, Monday 20 March 2020
Anna, Ward Sister explains that we have had to change our visiting restrictions to the Inpatient Unit, as of the morning of Tuesday 31 March 2020.

Please call us on 01223 675 900 prior to visiting.


In case you are unable to watch the video for any reason, here is a transcript for you: 

Hi, I’m Anna, Ward Sister at Arthur Rank Hospice Inpatient Unit. Just to say, our visiting guidelines have changed as of Tuesday 31 March, in order to protect our patients, staff, visitors and volunteers.

Our new restrictions are: 
  • Only one visitor, per patient, per day 
  • When visiting please remain in the room of the person you are visiting at all times 
  • If you or anyone in your household feels unwell, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit
If you wish to discuss any concerns you have, please call any time on 01223 675 900.  If you are advised not to visit please telephone for an update at any time.  

Thank you for adhering to these restrictions, at such a difficult time. 


Update at 3.30pm, Friday 27 March 2020
Jane, Ward Manager at the Inpatient Unit in Cambridge, is appealing for your help to reach those who might be able to donate masks and gloves to our care teams.  

As you will appreciate it is essential our nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants and consultants are equipped fully protective gloves and masks, when delivering care in the Inpatient Unit and in people’s own homes. 

If you are able to donate any PPE, please get in touch with by calling 01223 675900 or by emailing

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd who generouslydonated hundreds of these essential pieces of personal protective equipment, last week. 

Update at 7pm, Tuesday 24 March 2020 

Tracey, one of the Ward Sisters on our Inpatient Unit explains the restrictions which we have had to put into place, in response to the new government guidelines.

This means our Inpatient Unit is restricted to two visitors per patient, and they must be close or immediate family only.  We are encouraging the use of digital means to connect where possible, rather than physical visiting. Those who do visit will need to observe strict hand hygiene rules.

Please note that these restrictions may be tightened at any point, should we need to react immediately in response to the current situation. 

Thank you supporting us by adhering to these restrictions, at such a difficult time. 

If you are unsure about whether you can visit, please call the Inpatient Unit team on 01223 675 900.

In case you are unable to watch the video for any reason, here is a transcript for you: 

In order to protect our patients from the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking precautionary measures to reduce movement in the Hospice, following the government guidelines. 

Our priority is to ensure that we take all necessary steps to minimise the risk of infection with Coronavirus (COVID-19) for patients, families, carers, staff, volunteers and visitors to the Hospice and aim to ensure that the Hospice remains open.

To enable us to do this we have had to introduce some restrictions for visiting:
The Inpatient Unit is restricted to next of kin, close family and no more than two visitors
If you or anyone in your household feels unwell or are showing any Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms as specified by the NHS, please do not visit and follow the government’s stay at home guidance
If visiting, we ask you to respect social distancing whilst on the Inpatient Unit and to remain the room of the person you are visiting
Do not visit unless necessary
Limit your time on the Inpatient Unit
If children are wanting to visit, please discuss this with the nurse in charge

If we’re caring for your loved one and you’re advised not to visit, please call the Inpatient Unit on 01223 675 900 for up to date information and to discuss your situation. We realise that at this time there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety and staff will happily answer any questions you may have.

Thank you. 


Update at 11am, Tuesday 24 March 2020

We have made some further changes to delivery of clinical services in response to the newest guidance on COVID-19.  

For details on our Inpatient Unit (and visitors), Hospice at Home and community services, Day Therapy, Patient & Family support and Bereavement Services, Lymphoedema Services, Outpatient Appointments and our telephone advice support for healthcare professionals please click HERE


Update at 7pm, Monday 23 March 2020 

We have had to temporarily close our charity shops, Bistro, Arthur’s Shed and cancel some training courses

For information on closures, cancellations, opening hours and replacement services (where relevant) please click HERE


Update at 5.30pm Friday, 20 March 2020
An update from our CEO 

Further to the huge challenges coronavirus is creating, our CEO Sharon Allen explains how we are prioritising and maintaining our vital care and services. 

Thanks to your support and that of our colleagues, we will continue to support our community.  

#TeamArthur - amazing, even in the most adverse circumstances.

In case you are unable to watch the video for any reason, here is a transcript for you: 

Hello, my name is Sharon Allen. I’m the Chief Executive of Arthur Rank Hospice Charity in Cambridgeshire, with a very quick update to let you know what services are running here at the Hospice in these very challenging times. 

We are still taking patients onto our Inpatient Unit and visitors are welcome, subject to screening and please taking sensible precautions. 

We’re still providing our Hospice at Home and community services although, in line with many, we are moving as much provision as possible to telephone and online support.  We will still visit if a visit is needed and we are still providing overnight Hospice at Home care and support. 

We’ve had to take the difficult decisions to close our Day Therapy services although telephone support is still being provided. 

Our patient and family support services are still available, moving as much as possible to telephone and online support. 

We have had to close our Bistro to the public. We are still providing food for patients and families, and offering a take-away service. 

Our telephone advice support is running as usual for healthcare professionals.

If you’ve got any questions or queries at all, please get in touch with us through the usual channels. 

Together, we will work to support our community and I want to finish by saying a huge thank you to all of my colleagues who are being amazing in the most adverse circumstances.



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