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Moments shared

Patients, family and supporters share their experiences of our care and their support


Karen Jenner – Associate Lead Nurse - Hospice at Home

02 June 2014

Karen, who was also awarded the Pride of Cambridge in 2012 was keen to develop her skills and is now involved in assessing new patients, prioritising their care and working as an on call nurse at night. The Hospice at Home team have 26 staff and Karen line manages a team of five healthcare assistants, a complementary therapist and a registered nurse.

Karen is one of a team of three and Karen and her colleagues all report to team leader and clinical nurse specialist, Lorraine Moth Karen decided to go into nursing after the death of her mum in her home around 17 years ago. Karen’s mum sadly suffered with lung cancer and Karen was very much involved in her care. It had been a difficult time as within a short period, she had helped to care for both of her nans, her grandad and then her mum. It was at this point that she decided she wanted to support other families in a similar way and decided to become a nurse specialising in specialist palliative and end of life care.

Karen added ‘I help to support people to die where they choose. Many people like to remain in their own homes and our care helps patients and their families to be well supported to be able to do that. I see Hospice at Home as a very important service. The family and friends of our patients play a vital part in terms of providing love and support and I believe my role is as much about supporting the families as it is the patient during what is a very difficult time.’

Hospice at Home is largely funded by the charity with management staff based at Arthur Rank House but predominantly staff working in the homes of our patients in Cambridge, Ely, Wisbech, Melbourn, Huntingdon and beyond. Karen added ‘The whole team regularly meets up to talk through individuals cases, care programmes and to receive support from other members of staff in the team. The team has grown over the years and we are passionate about having the right people, specialists in their field, with the right character and personality delivering the highest quality of care and showing the utmost compassion to our patients. We are all so committed and we really do care about our patients and their families.’

‘Although our work requires us to be in the homes of our patients, a new hospice is just as important for us as it is for the inpatient unit or the day therapy team. All of our work is managed and organised from the hospice and this provides a central hub linking with complementary therapy, day therapy, chaplaincy, social workers and of course the inpatient unit as a number of our patients are often those who have been on the unit and then returned home. It is quite often the patients request to spend their last days or hours of life in their own bed surrounded by their own belongings and first and foremost their loved ones and friends. We are a service that aims to ensure patients have access to everything they might need in a place in which they felt settled, comfortable and most importantly where they want to be.’    




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