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Moments shared

Patients, family and supporters share their experiences of our care and their support


Marie in day therapy

07 January 2014

When asked how Marie felt about coming to the hospice. Her answer was a common one ‘I was nervous, I was worried about being stuck here if I was not enjoying myself.’ On reflection though, Marie now has very different feelings about the Hospice and when asked what has she found most helpful about visiting day therapy, she proudly told me with a lovely smile, ‘You are never alone…, feeling you are never alone…and being able to find out the answers to lots of questions, I’ve had lots of questions and that’s probably been most helpful.’

Much conversation took place and Marie was at ease talking Donna through her experience. Marie continued by saying ‘The hospice is very comfortable, it’s friendly and they are a friendly lot.’ Marie also benefits from the opportunity of being collected from home to attend her sessions here at Arthur Rank House, the transport service is also offered by the Charity. When asked about the travel arrangements Marie commented ‘A driver picks me up from home, it’s very straight forward and it gives my husband a day off!’

Marie carried on to say she has found the advice she has been given very comforting and that has been very helpful to understand more about coping with my illnessdying. Marie admits, like many others, she was unaware of the day therapy services available at the hospice previously and believes  as English people we don’t like to talk about hospices and death, but to her surprise the hospice is ‘the right environment in which to ask questions.’

During the session Marie was attending, she went on to say she had been enjoying the company of others and also admitted to ‘having her feet massagesd and being fed and fed very well at that’ by the day therapy volunteers. Marie’s delightful smile is captured beautifully in the picture which Marie kindly allowed Donna to take.




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