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Moments shared

Patients, family and supporters share their experiences of our care and their support


Alan in day therapy

07 January 2014

When Alan was asked what he had been up to today, he said he’d been to reflections, this is a session held by the Chaplain, a service supported by the Charity, he’d been generally chatting and he had, in his words ‘been checked over,’ enjoyed lunch, ‘an excellent lunch’ and that later in the afternoon, was due to have a hand massage too.

Alan’s story would be difficult for many of us to comprehend as ,when asked ‘why do you like coming here?’ his answer was very clear ‘I like coming here because at home I am confined to my four walls. I have a carer who comes in in the morning to help me with breakfast and make up a flask and then again in the evening, but I am on my own.’

Alan continued ‘Everyone here is friendly and kind, and I like the general ambience, there’s nothing formal here.’ His smile was evident when in a cheeky fashion he said ‘I’ve got an NVQ.’ When asked ‘what in’ he laughed and replied ‘being a grumpy old man.’ This was very far from the truth, and Alan went on to say ‘There is lots of laughing here; laughing makes the world worth living in.’

Alan finished by saying Ed (one of our nursing team) had showed him around the in-patient unit, ‘it’s wonderful, not remote like a hospital. When the time comes either at home or here, I’ll be happy to be here, not in a hospital’

With that, our conversation drew to an end and Alan returned to the group by calling out an answer to the crossword, which the group of patients and a day therapy volunteer, were doing as a joint exercise.




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