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Further to our recent move, some of our contact details and address information may still be in the process of being updated, we apologise for any inconvenience caused and please do notify us if you encounter any errors or have any difficulties in accessing the necessary information by calling 01223 675777. Thank you

Christmas Tree Recycling

Recycle your Christmas tree and help us to continue raising funds for our brand new hospice!


If you live in postcode areas CB1, CB2, CB22, CB3, CB4 & CB5 and don't want the hassle of getting rid of your tree, simply click HERE to have it collected by us!


No needles in your car, no petrol costs & no queueing at the tip!

Last Christmas we raised just under £3000 for our new 'home' by collecting 406 Christmas trees. That's 6.920 tonnes!

For a small donation, the Charity’s voluntary team will collect the trees and take them to Cambridge City Council’s waste management depot to be composted, all you need to do is click HERE to register.
Hear Donna Talbot, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at ARHC, and Norman Woodside from JustHelping talk on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about the collection: 

Working in partnership with JustHelping and Cambridge City Council.
90% of money raised from the collection will come to ARHC with the remaining 10% donated to other local charities. For more information, please click HERE


Trees will be collected on either 6 or 7 January 2017 by our team of volunteers.

How do I register for my tree to be collected?
Simply click HERE and follow the directions.

What is the suggested donation? 
For 2016's collection, the average donation was £9.50 per tree, however there is no minimum or maximum donation. 

What time will you collect my tree? 
Unfortunately due to the vast number of trees being collected, we are unable to give an exact time of when we will be in your area. Please have your trees out in time for the start of the collection period - 9am on Friday 6 January. 

Where should I leave my tree?
Please leave your tree somewhere where it can be easily seen by our voluntary collection team e.g. in your front garden, by your back gate, next to your shed etc. You will have the opportunity to leave instructions when you register.

What time does registration close? 
You can register for your tree to be collected up until 1pm on Thursday 5th January, subject to availability.

What happens if my tree doesn't get collected? 
In the unlikely event that your tree still hasn't been collected by 5pm on Saturday 7th January, please contact the Fundraising Team ASAP on 01223 675888. 

Who do I contact if I have any further questions? 
Please contact the Fundraising Team on 01223 675888, or email


Can you spare a few hours of your time to...

  • Promote the collection for us by leafleting between 27 December and 5 January in the above postcode areas?
  • Collect Christmas trees in either your own vehicle or one that we have hired for you to drive, on either/both 6 & 7 January
  • Sponsor a vehicle for one of our collection team to use?

If so, please contact the Fundraising Team on 01223 675888 or email - we would love to hear from you!