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CEO & IT Project Support Officer swap Arthur Rank Hospice for the Sahara

10 March 2016

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity’s CEO, Dr Lynn Morgan and IT Project Support Officer, Luke Upshall will swap strategic management and technical support, for trekking boots and caravans of camels when they depart for the Kingdom of Morocco in less than a week. They and six others from #TeamARHC, are hoping to raise over £15,000 for the Hospice as they conquer a gruelling five day, seventy kilometre trek across the world’s hottest and third largest desert, the Sahara.

The group - which also includes Stephen Mitcham (CEO of Cambridge Building Society) and his wife Sandra Mitcham (Needingworth), Jacqui James GP at Moat House Surgery (Warboys), David Waters (Luke Upshall’s cousin), Stuart Lloyd-Beavis Director of SLB Building Services Limited (Cambridge) and Jen Little from Pure Resourcing Solutions (Histon) – fly out to Marrakesh on 17 March. It will be a far cry from Cambridgeshire civilisation and the usual work-day at the office for the team, as they tackle between fifteen and twenty kilometres of shifting sand dunes, lunar rocky outcrops and parched river beds, with five to eight hours walking each day. 

The temperature in the Sahara peaks to a blistering 40 degrees celsius at its hottest extreme, dropping rock bottom to 0 degrees celsius overnight. The intrepid team will be guided by Different Travel’s guides, have their heavier tents, water and cooking supplies transported by a caravan of camels and be cooked for by the native Berber support team, but the challenges are many!  Everything they need must be carried with them and there is no running water, no shade, no showering or bathing facilities other than a ‘toilet’ tent over a hole in the ground and just a canopy of stars for lighting at night. 

Trekker and CEO of the Charity, Lynn Morgan comments: “It will be great to have some head space as things have been so busy with the new hospice alongside business as usual. I’m looking forward to seeing the sites of the desert and the sky at night, which is supposed to be wonderful. Apart from the no loos, not washing for a week and walking twenty kilometres a day, it should be a breeze!” 

Luke Upshall, the Charity’s IT Project Support Officer adds: “I’m not quite sure what to expect but am looking forward to being out of my comfort zone and joining a group of people who are doing this for a great cause. The environment is unlike anywhere we have in England: I’ve never experienced anything like the Sahara before and never imagined I would. Whilst I’m really looking forward to experiencing that with a colleague, I’m slightly terrified at the same time!”

Anyone wishing to contribute towards Lynn or Luke’s Sahara fundraising efforts are invited to visit their online donation pages at and/or 

To find out more about the Sahara trek, explore other destination possibilities and find out more about Arthur Rank Hospice Charity’s challenge events including treks, runs, cycles and skydives visit please click HERE or call Community Fundraiser Amy Bidwell on 01223 723186.



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