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The Big Quiz

Are you a Quiz Master?


What is The Big Quiz?

The Big Quiz is a chance for anyone to organise one or more quiz nights and raise money for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. You can hold it in a pub after work, or in a meeting room during your lunch hour. Or why not make a whole evening of it and invite family and friends?

How much shall I charge?

We think £20 for each team of four members is a fair price. But you may want to charge a bit more, after all it is for charity! If you’re holding the event at work, why not make some snacks and then charge for them or reflect this in the team registration price.

What will I need?

If you are already involved in a regular quiz, you can dedicate one to ARHC. Alternatively, we can provide you with a quiz to use. If you’re in a pub or hall, a microphone would be a good idea.

How does the quiz work?

The Big Quiz can be as long as you like – we suggest a minimum of 4 rounds. You can do the rounds in whatever order you like. Just give people time to answer each question, but not too long. You can always have a break in the middle for food, trips to the bar or other fundraising ideas. Remember to always say that the judge’s answer is final!!

Extra fundraising ideas?

Why not use this opportunity to hold a raffle or auction and make the most of your fundraising?

Click HERE if you would like to take part or receive further information.